Monday, November 19, 2012

The follow-up post

Sorry that my title is not particularly creative today, guys. :P
Anyway, the engagement party was very fun! I arrived not knowing anyone, except Adham, of course, but they were really friendly and eager to have me there, and impressed with the amount of Arabic I know (although most people are impressed that I as a foreigner know any Arabic whatsoever..).
It was a fun night, full of good food, lots of dancing and music, ululating, and a very elegantly dressed and happy-looking bride and groom to-be. :)
In my opinion it was actually really cute. It was a nice evening.

Afterwards Adham and I went with his brothers and stayed for the night in the home of his grandmother, who was a very sweet woman, and her home was absolutely beautiful! One thing I found really beautiful about it, outside of the apartment itself, was the fact that the view overlooks a mosque and a church that are mere meters away from each other.
It was extremely moving to me, seeing as I am quite devoted to world peace, cultural understanding, and the like, to which I think this sight was quite relatable. :)
I will include a picture in the end of this post of that.

The next day, we didn't really do much. We relaxed in the home of Adham's grandmother for most of the morning, and then went for a pleasant stroll on the Corniche and saw the sun setting and stuff (pictures of this will be included as well :P).
Then I went home.

The next day I really didn't do much of anything except wake up EXTREMELY late, fool around on the computer, and study for my final round of quarter exams.

Yesterday I took those final three exams, which were social studies, chemistry, and physics, and then today I had another day off.
And, as of tomorrow, normal school will resume.

That's really all there is to say...
Well, here come the pictures!

Me looking all patriotic in Adham's souvenir glasses

The church and mosque

The beach!


PS: Take a look at this trailer and this movie.
I think the whole world should watch this movie, especially now.

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