Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy 1434!

Well, let's see what there is to talk about...
This week, I've started to feel so much more comfortable in my school. It's a really wonderful thing, especially considering how hard the first days there were. :)
This week was also the week of the first quarter exams, which basically worked like this:
Everyone got placed in a class that was not theirs, with all the grades mixed up together, to take tests to minimize any cheating. There were three or four tests every day, and after each one there was a half-hour break.
And here's the REALLY awesome thing:
The day after one round of tests, there was a day off to prepare for the next round of tests! :D
So that was really awesome, because even though I had these quarter tests, I basically only went to school twice this week. Although I will have a final round of tests on Sunday.

Moving on, tomorrow is the Islamic New Year!
That is the reason that I titled this post "Happy 1434," because according to the Islamic calendar, in which the Year 0 was 622 CE, the year of the Hejra, or in other words, when the Prophet Muhammad fled from his home city of Mecca to the city of Medina to escape persecution.
So again, HAPPY 1434! ^_^
Tomorrow will be vacation for everybody, so I'm happy.
And my awesome returnee friend Adham, who was hosted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last year with the YES scholarship, will be taking me to a [I forgot if it's an engagement or wedding xD] party!
I'm interested to see that, as both weddings and engagements are seriously celebrated here. Haha! :D
I will make a post soon to talk both about the wedding-or-engagement-party, and also to talk about if there were any specific celebrations for the Islamic New Year itself.
Bye for now,

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