Saturday, September 22, 2012

Egyptian Juice

So here, as promised, is the post where I rant about how incredibly amazing and delicious Egyptian juice is.
But first, an update about my own life. xD

So, the AFS meeting and concert with my host brother were both really cool!
The concert was of a very elegant orchestra with original compositions, so that was really neat.
Then the next day I went out with a group of AFS returnees, among them Takey, plus Regina and Melanie. We ate in an Italian restaurant, and then attended the "International Day of Peace" conference, of which Fatma was a member of the staff - in the BIBLIOTHECA ALEXANDRINA! :D
I had been looking very forward to seeing that, and I was rewarded handsomely, because it's a very nice building, with beautiful architecture. 
The conference itself - as it was all in Arabic - was a little boring, because all I really could do with my terrible agnabi (foreigner) Arabic was sit there and listen to the incomprehensible stream of Arabic, trying not to fall asleep. 
But then, afterwards, an Arabic band called Massar Egberi played! That was really amazing, because the music was helwa (really nice) and everyone was dancing and singing along and clapping. :)
Then today I went out with the same group of people, and we ate out in the Muhammed Ahmed Restaurant, a very famous restaurant, and then visited the beautiful Qaitbey Citadel!
Qaitbey is a fort built by the Mamluk Turks on the spot where the legendary Pharos Lighthouse once stood. It was incredibly beautiful, and I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful day! <3

OK, back to Egyptian juice!
So, I know that it may seem weird that I'm dedicating a whole post to something so random. But, if you tried Egyptian juice, trust me, you'd understand why.
Picture the freshest, juiciest, ripest, most delicious and appetizing piece of any fruit you like in liquid form, served cold. That's the best way I can describe it.
And there's a lot of variety, too! There's the usual kind of thing - apple, orange, etc. But you'll also find pomegranate, kiwi, blueberry, banana, guava, mango, and even sugarcane!
So far, I've had:
1) Apple juice, which was the very first kind I ever tried, given to me by the volunteers in a juice box when they picked us up from the aiport
2)Sugarcane juice, which I drank on my very first morning in Egypt, back in Zamalek.
3)Kiwi juice, in a restaurant
4)Strawberry juice, in a sporting club with my neighbors
5)My host dad's mango juice, which is FREAKING AMAZING. SKYSLDJYRTYFFFERHWSIO.
6)My host dad's guava juice, which is *almost* equally amazing.
So basically, Egyptian juice is freaking amazing and if you EVER GO TO EGYPT YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TRY IT.
OK, khalas (finished).
This post will have pictures. Yay! ^_^
Bye bye!!

There it is. 

The view from the nady where the AFS meeting was 

the very elegant orchestra

Loay and me :)

from the Peace Day conference. left to right: Youssef, my friend from Taymour who's a returnee that went to Minnesota last year, me, Regina, Melanie, and Adham, who is a returnee that went to Iowa last year
Massar Egberi!
Qaitbey! :D
My German friend Regina took this. :D Danke and shokran!

From left to right: Ahmed Noh, a volunteer, me, Adham, a returnee, in front of him is Reem, Regina's host sister, Hanan, a returnee, and then Melanie and Regina! :D

This is Alexandria. 

MASR! <3

from one of the arrow-hole-thingies (I'm sure there's a proper term, but obviously I don't know it :p ) 

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