Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I GOT MY HOST FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
So, today after I returned home from a dentist appointment, I checked my email as usual. Expecting nothing, I suddenly realized that there was a message from AFS, and as soon as I saw the words "host family placement," I clicked on the whole message to make sure it was true. As I read the message, my heart started pounding and I felt like I was flying, because I finally have the information of the  family I've been dreaming of for all these years. I immediately began freaking out: I screamed at the top of my lungs and started happy-dancing in circles around my living room. It scared my cat, and that made me feel bad xD she's ok now though...AND I'M AS EXITED AS EVER!!!!!
The only problem is that I can't access the information yet because it's still being uploaded to my AFS account. -_________-
So far, all that I know is that I have THREE host brothers and my family lives in ALEXANDRIA!!!!!!!! :D This means living in the same city as my friend Fatma, being minutes from the Mediterranean, and living in one of the richest centers of history and culture in the whole country, the ancient capital of the Ptolomies (Cleopatra's dynasty); not to mention having access to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, one of the largest libraries in the world(useful for a bookworm like myself xD)...OH, I can't wait <3  I'm curious to see what having so many brothers will be like...Especially because the closest thing I've had was my Italian AFS brother xD Anyway, here are some PICTURES of my future home! (GORGEOUS, ISN'T IT?) :D

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina!
a sphinx with a bust of Caesarion, Cleopatra and Julius Cesar's son
the Marina! *___*
The location of Alexandria within Egypt

Well, that will be all for now.
I will post again when I have more info about my host family...Which, hopefully, will be quite soon.
your Eskendarawi*-in-the-making, Nico ^^

*Eskendarawi is, by the way, just an Arabic term that basically means "Alexandrian"


  1. that's such a cool city!! :) CONGRATS!

    1. THANKS SO MUCH :D where are you going to be hosted??

    2. Marín, Spain! It's a pretty small town on the northwest coast. haha, sorry, I didn't see your reply. But seriously, Alexandria looks amazing! I've always thought it was sad that the ancient library was burned. (that's the correct Alexandria, right?) :)

  2. It's totally fine xD wow, that sounds pretty nice too! YEP, that's the one! :) Yeah, it is pretty sad. So much knowledge lost..:( but the one I'm talking about is called the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It's pretty much a really big, really modern library built in memory of the Library from ancient times!

  3. hey Nico,
    i wish you good luck - Egypt? Really good choice - keep us informed and you can also visit my blog of Gringo in Rio


  4. Thank you so much!!! I've followed your blog and am enjoying it, good luck to you as well :)