Monday, June 25, 2012

Departure day :'(

So, today came the feared and infamous day where all the AFSers that haven't left already (except one staying late) depart to their home countries. :"( We helped them board their train, from which they continued on to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and then to Chicago, from which most of them will fly back to their respective countries and some to DC for an orientation, and in a few days from there to their countries. It's always a painfully sad and emotional experience. Even though I wasn't hosting (although, as I realized I've failed to mention, my family is the "aunt and uncle family" to the Egyptian, I guess we're host cousins? xD), it was easy to feel the powerful and conflicting emotions felt both by the students and their families that shared their homes and hearts with them for a whole entire year. I felt very sad seeing that. Even my mother began to flash-back to her own departure and became emotional. :"(
As I observed this heart-wrenching cry-fest, I wondered what it will actually feel like when I'm the one living that moment.
Out of curiosity, I asked around, and the general consensus seems to be that exchange students don't cry when they leave their natural families, but a lot when they leave their host families. (I'll probably cry both times; I'm pretty emotional xD)
In any case, I'm happy that soon I'll be beginning my own experience as an AFSer, and I'll get to see my "host cousin" Ahmed in his homeland again in a matter of mere months. :)
Still no information of my travel itinerary or host family, but I feel much calmer about that now. I've done my best to contain my anxiousness and impatience. I'm still eager, but I'm not freaking out anymore like I was recently xD I'll just wait and see.........
That's all for now... Hopefully I'll be back soon, with big news ^^
Last group photo of the AFS Washtenaw chapter for the year :(

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