Saturday, March 8, 2014

Teen Polyglot Challenge - Jag ska lära svenska!

Hey guys!

So the month of March, and the Teen Polyglot Challenge, are now upon us.

I won't go very far into explaining just what the Teen Polyglot Challenge is, other than posting this Tim Doner video that I was going to anyway. :P

If you don't know who Tim Doner is, he is an American teenager who has become well known for being able to speak (to varying degrees) over twenty languages. He's basically my idol and I very highly admire him. :3

So long story short, I am going to be participating in the challenge, learning Swedish!
At first I was a bit conflicted about which language to learn. Like I've previously mentioned, I have a lot of languages that I'm interested in; at first I thought about learning Finnish, since that's the language I most want to learn and am most interested in. But the requirements for the challenge are pretty hefty, and so I figured that trying to participate in the challenge with a language so different from anything I know might not be the best idea, given the time constraint. I narrowed it down to either Swedish or Portuguese (two languages that are very similar to my respective mother tongues of English and Italian), and I decided to go with Swedish. :)
I told you the reasons I'm interested in all the languages I want to learn in this post that I wrote all the way back in my first months in Egypt, but in case you don't recall (which I doubt anyone does :P), I'm interested in Swedish mainly because of heritage - my American grandmother is of Swedish origin - and also just because I think Sweden looks like a truly amazing and beautiful country, and I'm very interested in not just Sweden and Swedish culture, but Scandinavia and Scandinavian cultures in general.

Long story short, here goes nothing!
I won't be going it alone though - my friend Chathu is also participating in the challenge, with the equally beautiful/amazing if not somewhat more challenging goal of picking up some Korean.
We've got this (I hope). xD
All kidding aside, I have high hopes. This will be fun!

Still no NSLI-Y news, much to the chagrin of my sanity. -.- I've got my fingers crossed, taking deep breaths, and am trying to exercise patience. :)

That's all for now, friends.
Hej då!

PS: To any readers who happen to be participating in the challenge as well, GOOD LUCK! :D

(^My three favorite Swedish songs, all belonging to the wonderful, talented, and wonderfully talented Veronica Maggio, a lovely Swedish singer (of Italian origin to boot). Enjoy! :))


  1. This is so neat, I'm glad you mentioned it I would love to do this too! And if you need any help with the Swedish just let me know I would be more than happy to help!

  2. If you're motivated to participate you totally should!! Och tack så mycket ;) ^_^ I could probably use help, especially from a fellow American/native English speaker who's learned it, so thanks a lot once again! Hope you're having a fantastic time over there. Hej då!