Sunday, February 17, 2013

My awesome week

Once again, it's been a while since I last posted.

And I figured that I should post about how awesome my week was last week, so here it is!
Basically, at first, I was not looking very forward to going back to school, wishing that the vacation could just keep on going, since it was so fun and carefree, and I felt like I had so much freedom to stay up and get up late, and constantly go out with friends and just have fun.
But, eventually, the first day back at school, February 10 (which, coincidentally, was the day that marked five months since I started school) sneaked up on me with out warning, and I was forced to face the inevitable.
I'll be honest, I truly was not looking forward to it at all, and since I had gotten so little sleep the night before thanks to my screwed up sleeping patterns during the vacation, I barely had a drop of strength left to haul my carcass out of bed that morning.
But I gritted my teeth and jumped right in, and I must say that I could not be more pleased with the results.
I can honestly say that that first week back at school was the best one that I have had in my entire time at Taymour English School.
It was just really fun! It was nice to see all my good friends that I hadn't seen since before the vacation, catch up with them, and chat with the teachers.
Even from an academic standpoint, everything went swimmingly. I felt like I was understanding everything quite well, and I felt great.
And I just had so much fun with my friends, talking and joking and just having a great time together all week.
I felt like I knew everything and everyone so much better.
And furthermore, I felt completely happy in school. And thinking back to my infamous first day, September 10, 2012, I feel so proud and content to be able to say so. :)
I also received my second quarter report card, and while it wasn't quite as outstanding as my first quarter report card, I'd still say that I'm happy with the vast majority of my grades.

The week in and of itself wasn't particularly eventful in any way, it was just the happiness and the new-found confidence that I felt, and the fun that I had, that made it so eventful. :)

Then, on Thursday, the 14, Regina and I attended our calligraphy teacher Mr. Said's photo exhibition of all the pictures that he took from his trip to Russia earlier last year, in the Russian Cultural Center, which incidentally was on the same day as his birthday.
The photos were extremely beautiful, although we had already seen them many times before during our lessons.
The Russian Cultural Center itself was GORGEOUS.
It was located in a neighborhood of Alexandria that I haven't seen very much, called Azarita. The building had a really beautiful, elegant, and impressive architecture that reminded us very much of a European palace.
After that, we went with Youssef, an AFS volunteer who's in school with me, his mother Maha, who's Regina's counselor, and her husband, to do some shopping for souvenirs for family and friends back in our home countries.

That's all that I have time to write for now, so I'll just leave you all with a quick picture or two for now and try to be back soon.
So that's all..
I've been feeling really adjusted, confident, and happy in my new surroundings lately, and I feel glad almost twenty-four/seven. :)

However, there is one thing that has been making me quite sad lately:
Since she was only here for a semester program, Regina is going to leave at the end of this week. :'(
But more later, I have to go now (and I'm going to try and stay positive for a while :)).
Thanks for reading as usual,
My report card. (Again, ignore art, music, and computers, because my class doesn't take them, so I don't know why they're included...)

The photo exhibition pamphlet. 

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