Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aswan-bound! :D

Whoops, sorry for not posting so much in the past few weeks!

I'd say overall that exam week went pretty well for me. I feel good about all my exams except for some doubts in chemistry and physics, but inshallah it will all be OK.
I took my last two tests on the 17th, and I've been on vacation since then. I haven't been doing that much since...Going out with my friends and host family, relaxing at home, a calligraphy lesson yesterday, stuff like that. 

And tomorrow, we're off on our big trip to the south of Egypt!
We'll be headed to Aswan first, and we'll first make our way down to the airport in Cairo, and then meet up there with Carson and Annika, and then all fly to Aswan together.
I'm so exited!!! :D 

That's all I really have time to write for now..I should get to bed, since I'm going to have to wake up quite early tomorrow.
I'll write all about our adventures down in Aswan and Luxor when I get back! 

 Bye for now,

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