Tuesday, October 23, 2012

thefiveforeigners YouTube channel promotion

Hey guys!
So, I'm going to make a special little post today to promote an ingenious creation of six American AFSers that are currently on exchange!
Basically, these six wonderful kids created a YouTube channel where they all post videos on a specific day of the week, every week, and every week there is a different theme.
So far, the themes have included their host families, their houses, their daily routines, packing, expectations, and so forth.
Among the six who created the channel is my amazing, unique, sweet, hilarious, and kind friend Niamh Doyle, who I met at my pre-departure orientation and is currently on exchange in Bellignies, France. If you read this, Niamh, I miss you and hope you're doing wonderfully in France!
I'm also in contact with another one of the fiveforeingers kids that was at my PDO- the always-awesome Olivia Lopez, who is being hosted in Gaziantep, Turkey.
*If you haven't noticed, I also included their blogs in the "My blog list" to the right. Niamh's blog is called "5,000 Miles Away," Olivia's is "LIVing on the Edge." GIVE THEM LOTS OF VIEWS. :D
Other kids who are members of the group include a boy named Alex, who's in Mestre, Italy, a girl named Indigo, who's in Oviedo, Spain, a girl named Tara, who's in Duisburg, Germany, and also a girl named Hazel, who's in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland!
So yeah...It's a really cool channel, so go take a look at their videos! :)

Here is the link:
The Five Foreigners - YouTube
ENJOY! ^_^
Not really a lot to tell about what's going on in my life here right now...I will post again when there is.
So, ma as-salama for now!

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