Friday, August 31, 2012

♪ Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity! ♫

Excuse the pretty cheesy title, but I feel that the song "Defying Gravity" applies pretty well to my situation right now, because tomorrow....

My last days here have been fun and calm. More goodbye parties, more touching gifts, that kind of thing.
Part of me still simply cannot fathom that tomorrow I will be leaving.
Today I had a pretty funny thing happen to me: I was walking around the downtown area of my city, and went to my local library (because I had to return some things to the library and eliminate my fines so I could leave with a clean account), and while I was in there, as I look into the teens section, when I was seconds away from leaving, I recognized my friend Nate's tell-tale hairstyle, and I found him sitting with my other good friend Donny and other people that they know!!!!!!!
I then proceeded to spend most of the day until now with them.
It was honestly one of the best ways that I could have imagined spending my last day in town. :')
We walked around, talking, bought some snacks, and even stopped in an archaeology museum with a cool Egyptian exhibit in honor of my final destination. As we walked around, I did my best to drink in all the sights of my beloved Ann Arbor, which I will miss dearly, but not as much as my amazing friends I was with. <3

But, as I said, part of me just can't fathom that I'm leaving tomorrow. I literally have not realized it. I think it will be clear to me when my dad and I leave for our interlude in New Jersey, and I have to say goodbye to my mom and sister, and give them their letters to be opened after I've gone.

So, Ann Arbor and all Ann Arborites, I guess this is goodbye for a little while.
I'll miss my quirky, unique little university town that I've been born and raised in, and all the beautiful people who inhabit it, to pieces, but I'll be back in time to watch the fireworks light up over my elementary school (it's a tradition) on the next Fouth of July.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with packing, because I'm not done yet. xDDD
So, I'd better go and finish up.
Bye for now!!

Like I said, I need to finish packing. TT.TT

A souvenir from the archaeology museum: a bracelet that says "love" in hieroglyphics! :D

True words. 

^The song.

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