Friday, July 27, 2012

September 6, 2012

That's the day that I leave for the country that will be my home for eleven months.
I GOT MY ITINERARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
I can't believe it. I'm freaking out. I had been waiting for this information for a long time, and it came now, suddenly, just after I returned from a lunch out with my family. Immediately afterwards I ran onto the beach (I'm in North Carolina on vacation) and ran, screaming and jumping (I ran outside so that I wouldn't freak out my relatives still in the beach house). XD
My mind is blown on so many levels. O__________O In a good way though. xD
I've seen a lot of people with exchange blogs post pictures of their itineraries. But I'm not going to do that, because 1) I have no clue how, and 2) I'm not comfortable with posting that information on the Internet.
But, either way, I was interested in how we would be getting there. I had heard of people connecting in London, Copenhagen, Zurich, and even Reykjavik en route to their exchanges! I wondered if the Egypt kids might fly EgyptAir straight to Cairo.
But instead, it looks like we'll be flying Lufthansa and connecting in Frankfurt! :)
I wonder if this means that the Egypt-bound Americans will be on the same outbound Frankfurt-Cairo flight with the Germans that are going to Egypt as well... That would be amazing! :D
Additionally, I'm beginning to wonder if this means that the EBAs (Egypt-bound Americans) will be on the same JFK-Frankfurt flight with GBAs (Germany-bound Americans). That would be cool as well!
This just got very, very real.
To say that I cannot wait to start my Egyptian adventure is a gross understatement.
Now I just need to book my ticket to the orientation in New York on the 5th of September, get my host school info, complete my visa, and then I'll be ready to embark on my journey.
EGYPT, HERE I COME!!!!!!! ^_^
Lufthansa plane 
My final destination :D (not the terminal, just the airport xD)


  1. That is amazing Nico!
    I remember when I first got my itinerary to China. I was just as excited. I bet there are bounds of interesting thing you are going to do. I even recall the minor disappointment of reading that I was going to a park and then a horse grave yard...
    Yes Strange I know.
    However it was in China and made perfect sense! The horse grave yard was an entire palace buried underground with hundreds of horses to commemorate the death of an emperor. So that was exciting and there where no tomb stones involved :D
    The Park was mind blowing.. It wasn't our american park with a gazebo and grass. It had an island, marble bridges, jungle top hills with shrines, and lots of people playing music and mahjong.
    Mind you, this all occurred in a single day! Not a year ;)
    Bon Voyage my friend!

  2. That's pretty incredible too!!!! *__* Lucky you!!
    Merci ;)
    I'll miss you bucketloads while I'm gone, but we'll keep in touch often and I'll keep you updated on my Egyptian adventures.
    and I'll be back by the next Fourth of July to watch the fireworks with you guys :D
    尼科 ^^