Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh, silly, silly me....

In all the catching up that I had to do in that last post (excuse my long period of silence, by the way), I forgot to mention one of the most important things that have happened to me so far with regards to this program....
Not to sound cliche, but after reading that email I promptly began a cycle of jumping up and down, dancing, and screaming for joy.
Afterwards, when I was returning from a meeting with my math tutor, I found myself listening to a particularly upbeat song, and I started thinking about all the amazing experiences I'm going to have when I go. I ran all the way home from the bus stop. :-)
Yesterday, I also attended a pre-departure orientation for American AFSers from my area going abroad this summer/next year, in Birmingham, Michigan. I met people going to Turkey, Panama, Malaysia, Chile, and so forth. A few were going for a year, like the ones to Malaysia. One was going to Chile for like 2 months. And there were, interestingly, a horde of students going on a two-week summer trip to Panama. And one for a summer to Turkey. There was also a pannel of current exchange students here in the US from countries like France, Germany, and Norway, as well as a couple of friendly returnees from Belgium and Germany. This event covered a lot of things, from culture shock and language barriers to conflict with your host family and what to bring. It was mostly stuff that I had been told at one point or another already, but it was still quite informative and helpful, and all of the AFSers that I met were amazing people, and I had a good time. In other words, I'm glad I went. :)
Every time I attend an AFS event or talk to AFSers, I get more exited about that magical day in late August when, jet-lagged and exhausted, I'll be able to see the electrifying sight of the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza from my airplane window, and then the wheels of the plane will touch down in the land I've dreamed of for so many years...<3 مصر
Until I have more significant news,
This is not my picture, as I have not been to Egypt before in my life. Thank you Google Images. :P 
My best shot at trying to take a picture of myself looking exited. Don't judge XD
Nico! :)

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